Review Management

Save time and effort by automating the process of requesting reviews from your clients and customers using our review management platform. At Tiger Digital, we specialize in ensuring your online presence shines with positive and fresh reviews that attract customers. With 82% of people choosing a new local business based on Google reviews, it’s crucial to make a great impression. After all, with our two decades of experience digging the digital trenches, we don’t simply enable you to manage reviews; we help you shape them into golden testimonials reflecting your business’s brilliance.

Automate & Streamline Review Management

Collecting reviews becomes effortless with our platform. Easily reach out to your customers, encouraging them to leave reviews through Email, SMS, WhatsApp, or QR code. Enjoy up to a 20% increase in positive reviews, all orchestrated with the ease of our user-friendly review management platform.

Collect Reviews Easily

Our Review Management service is your key to automating review requests, and centralizing feedback from over 20 platforms, making it easy for you to monitor and reply to all feedback in one place. Furthermore, we offer the ability to share positive reviews on social media, amplifying your social media marketing efforts and showcasing your business’s trustworthiness.

Review Monitoring & Approval:

Our command center for your reputation allows precision in monitoring, approving, and managing reviews. Shape perceptions across platforms, ensure positive growth and protect your reputation by keeping negative feedback private. It’s like having a digital watchdog, trained to safeguard your image.

Performance Analysis:

Track real-time impact with insights and analytics. Our portal turns data into direction, boosting revenue by up to 18% and website conversions by 270%. Centralize reviews for easy monitoring and replying all under one roof.

SEO & Social Media Boost:
Increase online trust and visibility with fresh, keyword-rich reviews that attract more people to your web presence. Share positive reviews on social media, boosting your SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing efforts. It’s a strategy crafted with the flair of industry auteurs.

Reputation Protection & Enhancement:

Our optional system captures dissatisfied customers, keeping negative feedback private and turning it into valuable insights for business improvements. We help customers make purchasing decisions in your favor, ensuring your business looks great with many positive and fresh reviews. It’s not just management; it’s mastery, all in one place.

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